Setting Up Gorsuch Orchard

July 29, 2011 by Dennis Walton

Orchard Planting..

On 31st January this year we (Julia, Clay & I) planted 12 apple trees (organically certificated), consisting of 3 each of 4 dessert varieties:

Rajka A modern variety from the Czech Republic. Described as “a well-shaped, good-size apple with a very attractive appearance”.

Sunset Raised about 1918 – Kent (named in 1933). Received an Award of Merit from the RHS in 1960. The fruits have firm crisp, fine-textured flesh with a good aromatic Cox-like flavour. It is reputed to be hardier than a Cox.

Lord Lambourne   Raised in 1907 – Bedford. Received an Award of Merit from the RHS in 1923. Apparently the fruits have a slightly course-textured, juicy flesh with a good aromatic and sweet flavour.

Worcester Pearmain This is a tip-bearer and originated near Worcester in the 1870’s. Received a First Class Certificate from the RHS in 1875. It is a crimson, medium-sized fruit with firm white flesh, and a sweet and pleasant flavour.

18th March – Clay & I applied a mulch to the trees. Come April all 12 trees were wearing blossom and sprouting leaves. Then disaster! 8 of the trees were ‘scorched’ due to the freak weather conditions for the time of year. 2 are now recovering, 5 are still alive but 1 appears to have passed on to that great orchard in the sky! At the beginning of June I had to remove fruitlets from 3 of the trees – the Rajka, and I also commenced foliar feeding using liquid seaweed extract diluted 10ml. to a gallon of water. I will continue this at fortnightly intervals until the end of August. During all these activities Jenny was present with her camera.

Dennis Walton.

Measuring out.
Planting the first tree
Worms in the mulch
Dennis mulching the trees, unfazed by the bird scarer.
Dennis foliar feeding the trees with liquid seaweed extract.
Variety Rajka after 6 months growth.