Chocks Away!

July 24, 2011 by Clay

Can you spot the resemblance between the RAF Spitfire and the old trailer?


Amazingly a local trailer builder bought a job lot of surplus plane wheels and tyres just after WW2 and produced a range of agricultural trailers on them! 'Waste not want not' as they say! This one got a flat tyre so the challenge was to find someone who knows what to do with these specialist old rims and tyres.. Look no further than Ron Crosbie Tyres in Ormskirk. They said they'd seen a few over the years, so knew exactly what to do.. After a good soaking in WD40 and some well aimed hammering, A new tube was fitted and the trailer declared 'air worthy' once again! Can't thank them enough for their excellent service. Here's the number if you ever need advice on tyres, new or old: (preferably new they said) 01695 578537