Orchard Update!

November 18, 2011 by Dennis Walton

Getting ready for 1st Winter..

In early November Julia, Clayton and I were busy removing the mulch from the trees in preparation for the winter. If there are any disease spores or overwintering pests then these should have been cleared away, or left exposed to the cold and frost. This is positive stuff but we have a downside this autumn: the ‘scorch’ in spring has definitely killed 6 of the 12 trees. All 3 of the Sunset have gone, as well as 2 of the Lord Lambourne and 1 of the Worcester Permain. The 3 Rajka are looking strong and healthy, as is the Lord Lambourne. The remaining 2 Worcester Permain have survived due to some intensive TLC but they are going to be 12 months behind where they should have been. Julia is now looking at some other varieties to replace the 6 that have been lost.


P1010653_edited-1 P1010655_edited-1