Mr Jinks

March 20, 2017 by Clay
How lucky are we to get this view quite a lot of times a day? No really!. We wouldn't be without him. He has his own tag in the Blog so watch out for more pictures. A very timid cat.. Don't bother with the Che Che che thing.. It won't work.. Just ignore him for a while and let him get used to you and you might get a brush past one day.. The honour of being his favourite customer goes to Dawn from Wigan. A true cat whisperer that one.. She is the only person apart from us who can pick him up.. We love him to bits! Likes a good brushing. He has more than Rod Stewart. Has the ability to wrap himself up in a blanket. Hardly ever climbs these days but does love a good scratch on a piece of wood.. Knows the place like the back of his paw.. Donations gratefully received ;).