Pasta, Tomatoes & Sauces

Anna Peeled Tomatoes - Organic - 2 x 400g

Product of Italy. Organic Peeled Tomatoes in tomato juice. Sweet whole fruits, great in sauces and stews. 

Suma Penne - White - 500g

SUMA ORGANIC: Penne made from durum wheat semolina. A classic organic pasta for everyday use. 

Suma Fusilli - White - 500g

SUMA ORGANIC: This all purpose organic fusilli pasta made using traditional methods. Wonderful with just a basic tomato and onion sauce. 

Suma Spaghetti - White - 500g

SUMA ORGANIC: Organic spaghetti made from Sicilian durum wheat in the traditional methods. Classic for spaghetti bolognese, but always a favourite whatever the sauce. 

SUMA Spaghetti - Wholewheat - 500g

SUMA ORGANIC: Wholewheat Spaghetti is a nutritious, high quality pasta produced from 100% Italian durum wheat. 

Suma Tomato Puree - organic - 200g

Vegan friendly Suma Tomato Puree. Rich and very tomatoey. Also suitable for a gluten free diet. 

Tomatoes - chopped, organic - 2x 400g

Organic Chopped Peeled Tomatoes from Suma, an ideal base for a sauce. No added sugar. Vegetarian and vegan friendly.