Dried Herbage!

If you don't see the herbs you're after, please drop us a line..

Suma Organic Rosemary 20g

Suma's Organic Rosemary. Such a pungent herb it has to be good for you! Great in all kind of dishes. From roast lamb to pasta dishes. 

Suma Organic Tarragon 12g

Suma's Organic Tarragon. This lovely herb has a distinct aniseed flavour and is a key herb in French cuisine. Oo la la! 

Suma Thyme - Organic - 25g

Suma's organic Thyme. skillfully dried and a good strong flavour. Perfect in stews, marinades and more.. 

Suma Herbs Mixed organic - 20g

Suma's Organic mixed herbs. Pungent and aromatic, great for adding that extra something to a variety of dishes.