Organic Salads

Baby Spinach 250g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Fresh spinach - Picked daily when in season. Make salads or steam/cook lightly in other dishes. Great in Green Smoothies! 

Fresh Mint Per 50g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Our own spearmint. An essential of Moroccan cusine - also great on new potatoes and made into a suace for lamb. 

Fresh Lemon Balm 50g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Our own lemon balm - adds a zesty freshness to salads - or use in herbal tea - delicious. This Lady Bird loves it, so will you!! 

Fresh Oregano Per 50g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Our own grown oregano. A must for Mediterranean dishes. A classic topping for pizza. 

Celery bunch

EU ORGANIC: Crisp and tasty celery. A must for salads, soups, stews and stocks - or served with cream cheese - yummy. 

White Cabbage per kg

LOCAL ORGANIC: Sometimes BIG, sometimes small. Always crisp and sweet.. Can be enjoyed raw, boiled, steamed or stir fried. Best of all is probably fermented as coleslaw. Don't miss out on this cheap, ready nourishment. 

Avocado each

EU ORGANIC (Spain): Variety Hass. Avocados are such good food, we try to always keep them in stock. 

Red Sweet Peppers each

EU ORGANIC(Spain): Juicy sweet red peppers. Can be eaten raw in salads or cooked in stews and stir fries. 

Yellow Onions 500g

EU ORGANIC(Netherlands): Sweet and crisp. A must have ingredient for a great variety of dishes 

Purple Haze Carrots 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: These Carrots have a purple skin and orange centre. They have a good carrot flavour and roast well. 

Celeriac eper kg

EU ORGANIC (Netherlands): Celeriac flesh is crispy when raw, silky smooth when cooked and has a delicate taste which suggests celery and parsley with a slight nuttiness 

Golden Globe Beetroot Per 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Golden Globe has a vibrant orange colour that does not bleed. Great flavour with all the same health benefits as red beetroot. 

Hot Red Chillies each

LOCAL ORGANIC: Fiery red chillies for all your spicy cooking needs. Can reduce the heat slightly by removing the seeds. 

Red Cabbage per kg

LOCAL ORGANIC: Delicious and wholesome - Great braised, boiled, pickled, or sliced thinly in coleslaw. No sausage and mash should be without it! 

Fresh Tarragon Per 50g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Fresh from the herb patch! Our lovely homegrown Tarragon. Used sparingly. It's quite a strong flavour. 

Charlotte Potatoes Per 1kg

LOCAL ORGANIC: Small and delicious Charlotte potatoes - a true gourmet potato - waxy in texture and creamy in taste. The chef's first choice salad potato. Can also be roasted in the skin - and even chipped! 

Sweet Fennel each

LOCAL ORGANIC: Fennel is the perfect accompaniment to rich meats such as pork or lamb. Can be chopped and added to soups, salads, mayonnaise, dips, sauces, stocks, stuffings and bouquet garni.. 

Beetroot Per 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Sweet earthy tasting distinct flavour. Lightly pickled goes with just about everything. Good in salads and soups and even used as a sweet ingredient in cakes and puddings! A true wonder veg!! 

Kohl Rabi Purple (each)

LOCAL ORGANIC: The taste and texture of kohlrabi are similar to those of a broccoli stem or cabbage heart, but milder and sweeter. 

Green Courgettes 500g

EU ORGANIC Great in stir fries, soups, or eaten raw in salads. A staple of Mediterranean cuisine. 

Carrots Per 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Crunchy sweet New carrots. Great roasted or boiled and tossed in seasoned butter or olive oil. Also nice raw in salads or coldslaw. 


LOCAL ORGANIC: Nice red and green lettuce. Lovely with a dressing or on a sandwich