Organic Vegetables

The most important part of a healthy balanced diet - A selection of LOCAL ORGANIC VEGETABLES.   Remember to always wash veg as it can contain soil.

Radish. £1.25 Per bunch

LOCAL ORGANIC: Juicy Radish picked fresh every day! Popular in Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean cooking or perfect in a salad. 

New Potatoes 1kg

LOCAL ORGANIC: New Potatoes are finally here! Sorry for the delay. This variety is called Pentland Javelin and they taste great. 

Baby Spinach 250g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Fresh spinach - Picked daily when in season. Make salads or steam/cook lightly in other dishes. Great in Green Smoothies! 

Mooli each!

LOCAL ORGANIC: Mooli taste similar to radish and are popular in Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean cooking. 

Parsnips per 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Parsnips are deliciously sweet when roasted or can quickly be turned into the classic 'Parsnip Soup'.. 

Yellow Onions 500g

EU ORGANIC(Netherlands): Sweet and crisp. A must have ingredient for a great variety of dishes 

Golden Globe Beetroot Per 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Golden Globe has a vibrant orange colour that does not bleed. Great flavour with all the same health benefits as red beetroot. 

Spring Greens Per bag

LOCAL ORGANIC: Soft cabbage leaves with lovely flavour. A perfect side dish with just about anything. Freshness on a plate! This is what they mean when they talk about 5 a-day.. Not cherry coke! 

Hot Red Chillies each

LOCAL ORGANIC: Fiery red chillies for all your spicy cooking needs. Can reduce the heat slightly by removing the seeds. 

Green Beans 250g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Stringless green beans. Great for side dishes or why not cool and cut in to salads. 

Purple Beans 250g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Delicious stringless purple climbing beans - Take hardly any cooking at all! Great in stirfries also. 

Broccoli 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Full flavoured Broccoli. Eat every bit! Almost no prep at all with this delicious veg. 

White Cauliflower

LOCAL ORGANIC: Cauliflower can be eaten raw or prepared in several ways including, steamed, roasted, fried and pickled. 

Beetroot Per 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Sweet earthy tasting distinct flavour. Lightly pickled goes with just about everything. Good in salads and soups and even used as a sweet ingredient in cakes and puddings! A true wonder veg!! 

Turnips Per 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Crisp and full flavoured - delicious when sliced and boiled, steamed or pan fried in butter. 

Pak Choi

LOCAL ORGANIC: Tender, tasty member of the brassica family. A staple of Oriental cuisine, great steamed or stir fried. 

Green Courgettes 500g

EU ORGANIC Great in stir fries, soups, or eaten raw in salads. A staple of Mediterranean cuisine. 

Broad Beans 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Tender succulent beans with a fine flavour. Can be eaten as a Veg, in Salads & Stir Fries or even pureed. A real local treat when this young! 

Carrots Per 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Crunchy sweet New carrots. Great roasted or boiled and tossed in seasoned butter or olive oil. Also nice raw in salads or coldslaw.