Organic Vegetables

The most important part of a healthy balanced diet - A selection of LOCAL ORGANIC VEGETABLES.   Remember to always wash veg as it can contain soil.

Cauliflower Green 90p each!

LOCAL ORGANIC: Green Cauliflower tends to be milder, sweeter, nuttier than its less colourful cousin. Frighten the mother-in-law with this unusual looking veg! 

Baby Spinach 250g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Fresh spinach - Picked daily when in season. Make salads or steam/cook lightly in other dishes. Great in Green Smoothies! 

White Cabbage per kg

LOCAL ORGANIC: Sometimes BIG, sometimes small. Always crisp and sweet.. Can be enjoyed raw, boiled, steamed or stir fried. Best of all is probably fermented as coleslaw. Don't miss out on this cheap, ready nourishment. 

Crown Prince (Per Kg)

LOCAL ORGANIC: Blue on the outside. Deep Orange within! This Regal sounding squash is one of the best! Dense firm flesh with a sweet potatoey vibe. Renowned for its eating and keeping qualities. Your Highness! 

Sprouts Per 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: They are back! Snack food at it best! Seriously, they taste great raw or simply boil and serve with a favorite oil dressing. Roasting brings out nutty flavours that can make a room go quiet.. 

Culinary Pumpkin Per Kg

LOCAL ORGANIC: Rouge vif d'etampese. The classic French culinary pumpkin. Develops a sweet nutty flavour when roasted. Make Pie or Pints!(Pumpkin Beer ;) Read on.. 

Parsnips per 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Parsnips are deliciously sweet when roasted or can quickly be turned into the classic 'Parsnip Soup'.. 

Yellow Onions 500g

EU ORGANIC(Netherlands): Sweet and crisp. A must have ingredient for a great variety of dishes 

Purple Haze Carrots 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: These Carrots have a purple skin and orange centre. They have a good carrot flavour and roast well. 

Celeriac eper kg

EU ORGANIC (Netherlands): Celeriac flesh is crispy when raw, silky smooth when cooked and has a delicate taste which suggests celery and parsley with a slight nuttiness 

Red Hokkaido Squash (kg)

LOCAL ORGANIC: Another name is Onion Squash because of the shape. Has a sweet and nutty flavour - delicious! 

Golden Globe Beetroot Per 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Golden Globe has a vibrant orange colour that does not bleed. Great flavour with all the same health benefits as red beetroot. 

Green Kale

LOCAL ORGANIC: Kale is a leafy green vegetable from the Brassica family. Highly nutritious, with a pleasant peppery flavour. Roast in the oven for 'Kale Chips', or Juice or Smoothie.. Do anything, but don't go without! 

Spring Greens Per bag

LOCAL ORGANIC: Soft cabbage leaves with lovely flavour. A perfect side dish with just about anything. Freshness on a plate! This is what they mean when they talk about 5 a-day.. Not cherry coke! 

Hot Red Chillies each

LOCAL ORGANIC: Fiery red chillies for all your spicy cooking needs. Can reduce the heat slightly by removing the seeds. 

Red Cabbage per kg

LOCAL ORGANIC: Delicious and wholesome - Great braised, boiled, pickled, or sliced thinly in coleslaw. No sausage and mash should be without it! 

Spaghetti Squash

LOCAL ORGANIC: Fast becoming a British Classic! The Spaghetti Squash, as the name implies, has flesh that is stringy and can be used like pasta. Throw over a Bolognese, or salt and butter works just fine.. Real comfort food. 

Broccoli 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Full flavoured Broccoli. Eat every bit! Almost no prep at all with this delicious veg. 

White Cauliflower

LOCAL ORGANIC: Cauliflower can be eaten raw or prepared in several ways including, steamed, roasted, fried and pickled. 

Charlotte Potatoes Per 1kg

LOCAL ORGANIC: Small and delicious Charlotte potatoes - a true gourmet potato - waxy in texture and creamy in taste. The chef's first choice salad potato. Can also be roasted in the skin - and even chipped! 

Sweet Fennel each

LOCAL ORGANIC: Fennel is the perfect accompaniment to rich meats such as pork or lamb. Can be chopped and added to soups, salads, mayonnaise, dips, sauces, stocks, stuffings and bouquet garni.. 

Beetroot Per 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Sweet earthy tasting distinct flavour. Lightly pickled goes with just about everything. Good in salads and soups and even used as a sweet ingredient in cakes and puddings! A true wonder veg!! 

Turnips Per 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Crisp and full flavoured - delicious when sliced and boiled, steamed or pan fried in butter. 

Swede per kg

LOCAL ORGANIC: Sweet and nutty when roasted. Mix with carrots for a classic flavour combination or add to stews for extra taste. 

Cavalo Nero/Black Kale

LOCAL ORGANIC: A loose-leafed cabbage with a bitter/sweet taste. The 'dark chocolate' of the cabbage world! Loved by Italians who puree it to make pasta sauce and fillings. 

Rainbow Chard

LOCAL ORGANIC: Brightly coloured member of the spinach family. Delicate earthy flavour, which complements virtually any dish. Steam, simmer or saute in garlic for a few minutes until wilted and finish with lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil. 

Kohl Rabi Purple (each)

LOCAL ORGANIC: The taste and texture of kohlrabi are similar to those of a broccoli stem or cabbage heart, but milder and sweeter. 

Green Courgettes 500g

EU ORGANIC Great in stir fries, soups, or eaten raw in salads. A staple of Mediterranean cuisine. 

Leeks Per 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC. Large buttery leeks with excellent flavour. Delicious simply cooked with butter, or in soup, casserole or gratin. 

Savoy Cabbages each

LOCAL ORGANIC: Dark & nutty Savoy Cabbage. Cooks quickly so steams very well. A speciality of the area! 

Carrots Per 500g

LOCAL ORGANIC: Crunchy sweet New carrots. Great roasted or boiled and tossed in seasoned butter or olive oil. Also nice raw in salads or coldslaw.