Organic Fruit

Organic fresh fruit is an important part of a healthy balanced diet. We always try to have a great selection off lovely organic fruit for you to try. Our customers tell us they can taste the difference!

Ruby Grapefruit

EU ORGANC: The Star Ruby grapefruit is the benchmark standard of grapefruits regarding color, flavor and fragrance. Great way to start the day! 

Bananas Per 1kg

ORGANIC (Dom Rep): Tree ripened tasty organic bananas. Good source or Vitamin B6, potassium and other important minerals. 

Clementines 500g

EU ORGANIC (Spain): Sweet and juicy organic Clementines. Good flavour and a Good source of Vit C. A great fruit to have in through the winter. 

Pears Conference 500g

EU ORGANIC (Netherlands): When fully ripe the flesh is butter soft, sweet and deliciously aromatic. Full of flavour! 

Apples (various)) 1kg

UK ORGANIC: English apples have a full, rounded flavour and firm texture. Great to have them back in season. 

Strawberries 250g

UK ORGANIC: British sweet juicy strawberries. Intense flavour and soft flesh - a must with cream or ice cream on a hot summer's day....or any day ;)